You will need to add a data source to get started. There are different types of data source categories (websites, apps, cloud storage or a simple file upload etc) that will require different configurations.

You can search or filter for a source option. Once you select and configure a source, your data can be sent to a chosen advertising or data cloud storage destination.

Please follow the steps to one of these source types to integrate your data source.

  1. File Upload

If your customer data resides in a file, you can upload the file with our File Upload source option in a CSV format. Our file upload tool will automatically encrypt your file before uploading it to your secure bucket. Please ensure you prepare your file in the specified format shown in our template.

a. Select File Upload as Source.

b. Enter a source name

  1. Indicates the source name you may want to enter for the upload file.

  2. Helps you select the file from your computer that you can upload on to the platform.

c. After you have selected the file that you want to upload,

  1. Click Hash and Upload to encrypt and upload the file. Please download the provided template to ensure you upload your file in the specified format.

  2. Indicates the automatic hashing taking place for the file.

  3. Indicates the uploading of the file to the platform. The indicator will move to 100% to indicated file being successfully uploaded.

    d. Click Next to Map your identifier to our schema.

  1. Indicator that the file has been successfully hashed and uploaded.

  2. Click next button to move the the Schema Mapping section.

    Schema Mapping

If your file is successfully uploaded, you will be taken to the schema mapping section.

  1. Here, we will require you to map your data to our data schema. To map the attributes, select the drop down menu under “Lifesight Data” and select the respective identifier attribute.

  2. You can select the “Primary ID” to indicate the primary identifier that you would like to use. This indicates the ID we will use to enrich your first party data.

  3. Click “Save” to complete adding the source.

    Identity Matching Process

    Once your IDs are on-boarded onto the platform, below are the steps performed under the hood to make sure the data sits securely in your Data bunker.

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