LifeSight is an O2O data-driven marketing, insights, attribution and audience platform for brands and agenciesOur platform is unique as we focus on bridging the online-to-offline gap using state of the art location intelligence capabilities. We build holistic consumer profiles that allow us to understand consumers' journey in the offline world.

The Lifesight platform has 5 core modules:


Consumer data segments built based on demographics, interests, behaviour and location


Location based attribution tool to measure impact of digital ads on in-store and other physical location visits


Placesense is a Data-as-a-Service offering from LifeSight which helps our clients leverage on our high quality Graph and Places data.

Insights (Coming soon)

A consumer intelligence platform for brands, agencies and market research companies to understand consumers with unique data sets.

Campaigns (Coming soon)

An integrated DSP that can target location based audience segments on various ad exchanges and networks