Lifesight is an online-to-offline (O2O) data-driven marketing, insights, attribution and audience platform for brands and agenciesOur platform is unique as we focus on bridging the O2O gap using state of the art consumer intelligence capabilities. We build holistic consumer profiles that allow us to understand the consumers' journey in the offline world.

Lifesight has 2 core offerings:

Lifesight Platform

Built atop our data platform, we offer a software platform solution that is easy for marketers to use. Lifesight platform is comprised of Attribution, Audience Data and Insights


Measure the true ROI of your omni-channel digital campaigns in terms of driving footfalls in-store


Deliver highly targeted campaigns to Lifesight’s location based segments that have the real life interests, affinity and purchase intent

Location Insights (Coming soon)

Get an in-depth understanding your customer’s real world behaviour by leveraging location and transactional data to identify connected consumers interests, brand affinity, movement behaviour and purchase intent

Lifesight Data

Our Robust DaaS offering to help brands and enterprises use mobile data & intelligence to understand, target & measure the connected consumer. Lifesight Data is comprised of Location Graph, Device Graph and People Graph 

Location Graphs

Enrich you Customer data sets with offline consumer behaviour data

People Graph (Coming soon)

Access our people datasets to enrich the profile of your Connected customers

Device Graph (Coming soon)

Improve retargeting and personalisation by identifying users’ devices with our household device datasets