The Lifesight attribution allows brands to measure the impact of their digital ad in terms of in-store visits. Brands typically have full visibility of what happens in the online world (e-commerce, websites, etc), however they have almost zero visibility of what happens in the physical world. The primary focus of this tool is to be able to give brands the visibility on offline consumer journey after being exposed to the digital ad.

How It Works

To do attribution, you need to embed Lifesight pixels/trackers in the Ads that get delivered. (Embedding would either happen at DSP or in the creative itself). Below listed are the steps involved in the tracking process  : 

Step 1: Create a Lifesight pixel that is linked to your campaign as well as configure all the channels under that campaign.

Step 2: Select the conversion places that you want to track for this campaign.

Step 3: Implement the pixel by pasting it into your campaign assets (banner images, landing page etc).

Step 4: View your offline attribution campaign report in the Lifesight dashboard.