To begin, you will need to Create an Attribution Tracker that allows you to track users who viewed your ad and then visited a location after that.

To create a Tracker, click on the CREATE TRACKER button.


The CREATE TRACKER wizard has  3 Steps. Please follow each step carefully to ensure you don't miss out any details.

Step 1 - Select Channel

figure 1

In Step 1, complete the following:

Campaign Name: Enter a meaningful name to represent your campaign (i.e. Coffee Lover Ad, New Year Promo, Luxury Hotels Campaign, etc.)

Select Channel: Select the channel for your campaign

Types of Channel: Select the types of channels. You can select multiple channel type

Location Attribution: Under location attribution, click on the "Add Places" button to add places of your choice.

Now you will see "Add Places" wizard.

Add Places:

Select your target places:

Search brands or categories:  You can search places either by Brands (i.e. Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, etc.) OR Categories (i.e. Fast Food, Restaurant, Cinemas, etc).

figure 1.1

Enter the search term: Enter the first three letters of your search term. The system will populate the matching Brands and Categories. Select your preferred Brand or Categories from the list populated. In the figure below (figure 2), we are searching for McDonald's.

figure 1.2

Search Result: In the above example, we searched and selected McDonald's. Therefore the search result for McDonald's is displayed in the figure below (refer figure 3). There are 703 places of McDonald's is available in the system.

Select Places: Select the places by clicking the checkbox from the list of available places. You can do multiple-select.

Add All: In case, you want to select all the places, click "Add All" button.

Add Selected: After selecting the places as per your preferences, click the "Add Selected" button to add those places for attribution. In the example below (refer figure 1.3) we have selected 2 Places.

figure 1.3

Added Places: In the example below (refer figure 1.4), we have added 2 outlets of McDonald's for attribution.

Edit Places: In case you want to add more or remove places, click the "Edit" (Pencil icon) button.

Save Place: Finally click the "Save Place" button to save the changes.

figure 1.4

After adding the required details, click NEXT to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Enter your campaign flight

Your campaign flight is the duration you will be running your campaign for. Simply use the same date ranges as your campaign. 

figure 2.0

Start Date: Enter a start date for your campaign. The default start date will be the current date. Start date cannot be lesser than today's date.

End Date: Select an end date for the campaign.

After adding the campaign flight, click NEXT to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 - Enter your campaign budget

figure 3.0

Total Budget: Enter the total campaign budget amount (i.e.  10000)

Total Impressions: Enter the total impression that you want to achieve by this campaign (i.e. 1000000)


  1. The amount you specified is always in USD. For example:- If you enter 10000, then it means US$ 10,000.
  2. The Total Budget and the Total Impression is for the whole campaign period.

Click NEXT to complete.

Finish : Copy Tracker

Now the tracker has been created successfully. Click the COPY TRACKER button to copy the tracking code and paste in your webpage that you need to track.

figure 4.0

Once you have successfully created the your campaign tracker, you will see it added to your Campaigns dashboard.

For full detailed instructions on adding Tracker (Pixel) to your site or modifying an existing pixel, visit How to install the Tracking URL Code.