Ad Accounts allow you to manage campaigns for multiple brands within a single Lifesight admin account. Each Ad Account you create has its own dashboard and campaigns, which means you will be switching between Ad Accounts to manage them individually.

After you signed up, you will need to create your first Ad Account in order to create campaigns.

Create a New Account

You can add or edit accounts by navigating to "Account" menu

Click your "Admin Name" displayed at the top right corner to view the menu.

Select "Account" from the menu

You will see the "Accounts" page where all the accounts created earlier are listed.

Click the "Add Account" button to create a new account

The "Add Account popup" appears

Enter the "Account Name"

“Select Country”. By default, the dropdown would show only the country you operate in or have access to.

“Link the user(s)” to whom you want to give access to this particular account. This will be the list of users you have created before setting up your Ad Accounts.

Enter the number of “Max Number of Places” that user can attribute to. This allow you to limit the maximum number of places you can attribute to. Please refer to your billing table to understand your account limitations and pricing models.

“Select Timezones” would by default have info only for the country you operate in or have access to.


Click the ADD ACCOUNT button to complete