If you have team members who will be managing the campaigns in your company, you can Create New User logins for them. This will allow them to login as individuals rather than the team sharing the same login.

You can add users by navigating to "Users" menu

Click your "Name" displayed at the top right section to view the menu.

Select "Users" from the menu

You will see the "Users" page where all the users created earlier are listed.

Click the "Add User" button to create a new User.

The "Add User" popup will appear

Enter the "Name" of new user.

Enter the "Email" of new user. Credentials would be sent on this email address. This email will also be used as your username for logging in to the platform.

Select the “User Type”. By default, it will be "Member". If you want to assign administrator rights to this user, please select Administrator.

“Select Accounts” that you want to assign to this particular user. You can assign multiple accounts to a user.

Click the "Save" button to complete the process.