In case others will be managing the campaigns along with you, we recommend adding them to the Ad account as an additional user rather than sharing a login. This minimizes the need to share passwords by email (don't do it!!) and also allows for better event logging, which can be useful in case a change is made that you did not authorize.

figure 1

You can add users by navigating to "Account" menu

  1. Click your "name badge" displayed at the top right corner to view the menu.

  2. Select "Users" from the menu

  3. You will see the "User Listing" page where all the users created earlier are listed.
  4. Click the ADD USER button to create a new user

  5. The "Add User" popup appears

  6. Enter the following details:

    1. Name: Enter the name of the new user

    2. Email: Enter the email

    3. User Type: Select "User Type". By default, it will be "Member"

    4. Accounts: Select the Account to which you want to assign this new user.

  7. Finally, click the ADD USER button to complete