Impressions are the total number of ads delivered (rendered) for the campaign; (i.e. when an display banner ad is fetched from its source and delivered in any channel and is tracked).

Symbol: I (Impression)


Clicks are the total number of ads that were clicked on for the campaign. Every time someone clicks on an ad this is recorded and then displayed as the total number of clicks.

Symbol: C (Click)

Campaign Reach

Total number of unique users that the impressions were served to.


Frequency is the average number of impressions per exposed member of  audience.

[Frequency = Impressions / Campaign Reach] (rounded to one decimal)

Exposed Individuals

This is the number of Individuals who were served the ad impressions.

Symbol: Vi (Exposed Individuals)

Exposed Visits

This is the number of individuals who visited the store after seeing the ad.
Note: This is a projected number based on the smartphone population.

Symbol: Vt (Incremental Visits)

Organic Visits

This is the number of individuals who visited the store without seeing the ad.

Symbol: Vf (Organic Visits)


Total number of tracked footfalls in the store.
Symbol: (Visits)

Formula: [V = Vt + Vf]

V = Total Tracked Visits
Vt = Visits of people who were served an ad impression.
Vf = Visits of people who were not served an ad impression.

Control Group

For every individual who belongs to Vi, the system selects a random individual from the same audience who is not exposed to the ad.

Vc (Control Group)

Exposure Index

This index indicates how many exposed individuals visited your store as a % of the organic visitors.

We tracked 100 people who visited the store. (Vt + Vf)
[This is only a subset of the total store visits]

20 were exposed to the AD (Vt)
80 were organic visits (Vf)
Lift index is [20/100 * 100 = 20%]. (Your exposed visits were equal to 20% of your organic visits).

Visit Index

This is to represent what percentage of the impressions ended up in visits.

If 1000 impressions leads to 1 visit, visit index is 1.

Cost per Incremental Visit

Ad spend divided by Incremental Visits

Marginal Cost per-Uplift

Cost incurred to increase the visit by 1%.

If the agency spent 1000$ to get a lift of 20%, then...

Marginal Cost Per Uplift = [1000/20) = 50% ].

Campaign Time Zone

At campaign tracker timezone of the campaign will be captured.

Symbol: TZ

Time of Impression

Time in 'Campaign Time Zone' when the impression was rendered.

Symbol: Ti

Time of Visits

Time in 'Campaign Time Zone' when the Visit happened on store

Symbol: Tv

Average Lead To Visits

Total Number of days it took for the customer to visit the store since the last impression.
Sigma{(Ti - Tv)}/Vt
Where Simga{Ti - Tv} is the number of days it took since impression to visit for each customer.

Conversion Rate

This denotes what percentage of Impressions or Clicks got converted as incremental visits in the store.

If 1000 impressions led to 1 (incremental) visit, then conversion rate = 0.1%
If 100 clicks led to 1 (incremental) visit, conversion rate = 1%.

Cr = Incremental Visits * 100 / Impressions
Cr = Incremental Visits * 100 / Clicks