PlaceSense Graph is a new way of understanding the behaviour of the mobile users. It uses graph technology and combines location data and SDK data from mobile devices with digital understanding of the real world and create comprehensive facts on mobile user.

- Basic Graph        : This resolves movement data of people to places they have visited, enriched with brand names and category names of the places visited.

- Audience Graph :  This enriches Basic Graph with LifeSight's Brand & Geo-behavioural segments.
- Device Graph     : This shows the digital footprint of individuals - Device info, App info, Aggregated app usage data, Carrier info, Activity info.
- Identity Graph    : This enriches PlaceSense graph with LifeSight's cross-device capability. It adds features such as LifeSight ID, Connected Mobile Ad IDs, Demography (Gender, Age and Affluence, with confidence scores).