Our integrations module is designed to easily onboard your customer data to be enriched by our platform in a secure and privacy compliant manner. Our pre-built connectors enable quick source and destination data integration within a few steps. Before you get started, please ensure that you have the necessary administrative permissions to integrate your data. You may be required to enlist help from the relevant technical contact in your organisation to implement certain integrations.

  1. Adding a Source - This is the process of setting up your data source so we can collect your customer data.

  2. Adding a Destination - This is the process of setting up your data destination so we can deliver the data to your desired destination.

  3. Categories - Once you click on the "Source", this section shows you all the possible categories of Sources available. Namely File Upload, Website/Mobile, Cloud Storage and Advertising.

  4. Once you click on any one of the categories, this shows all the possible sources under each source category. It shows icons for all possible sources available in the Integrations module on the Customer intelligence platform.

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