Activating pre-defined Lifesight Audiences

You can activate the audiences to any of your advertising channels- DSPs , social channels , DMPs or SSPs. You can activate the pre-defined audiences directly from the Browse Audience section.

  1. You can activate audience from the Browse Audiences section using this activate icon.

  2. You will have an "Activate Audiences" window that will show you all the advertising channels you can activate audiences on.

  3. On selecting a particular activation channel, it will be highlighted as shown in the image.

  4. Once you have filled in details, you can confirm activation of the audience to the channel using this button.

    Activating Custom Audiences

  1. You can select Lifesight as a data source to create custom audience sets using predefined Lifesight audience segments.

  2. You can select Lifesight or your first party data source to select the source name.

  3. You can select a first party data source like Amazon S3, Email file upload, Ad channel data source.

  4. You can select the Audience category and the segment name from the drop downs given to choose. For example Brand Audiences chosen to select Nike or Volvo store visitors.

  5. You can configure an audience using the different combinations of predefined Lifesight audiences listed above as shown below. All combinations of AND/OR possible to be built including. This includes making an audience combination of first party data source and Lifesight audience segments.

  6. To select the look-back period, the radius and the visit frequency for your audiences, for the audience segments, you can click on configure to choose the right audience segments.

    Below are the options to choose
    Visit Period look-back - Options available are 30-60-90 days
    Visit Frequency - Once, sometimes and Often.
    Radius - Indoors ( within the POI boundary), 100m or 1km radius.

  7. You can click on activate audiences to choose the advertising channel and activate your custom audience.

    Activating Your Audience to a new Destination

You can also choose to activate a custom audience to a preconfigured Destination you set during the Integration stage or can be set during Audience activation process in the below manner.

  1. You can click on this icon to add a new advertising channel as a destination.

  2. Once you've added it you can click activate/save to save the channel as a destination

    You can choose to add any of the advertising channels shown in the above "Select Destinations" Window.

    An example of a a filled up destination- Facebook as Destination. Below are the field descriptions.

    Enter the following details to configure your destination setup

  1. Enter your destination name

  2. Ad Account ID : Ad Account ID is the Account ID assigned by Facebook for running Ad campaigns on Facebook Ads Manager.

  3. Campaign ID : For a specific campaign, Facebook will assign a unique campaign ID for each campaign under an ad account.

  4. Ad Set ID : Ad sets and Ad IDs are uniquely assigned for each ad asset under a campaign.

  5. Ad ID : Ad sets and Ad IDs are uniquely assigned for each ad asset under a campaign.

  6. Click “Save” to complete adding your data source destination as Facebook.

  1. Once Facebook is added a destination it shows up the success message below.

  2. If you need another destination you can click on this Add Destination icon.

  3. Activate confirms Facebook added as a destination and you being able to activate audiences to that destination.

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