Our Customers module enables you to get a unified view of your customer data and view holistic customer profiles and insights.

The Customer list displays all your customers with the ability to navigate into individual profiles.

  1. You can filter the list by the Data Sources using the drop down or search for your desired customer with the search bar.

  2. You can check the total IDs uploaded from your data sources and the number of identifiers matched after enrichment with Lifesight database.

  3. You can click on the actions that can be performed for each list of sources.

Customer List :

  1. You can see the masked values for your customer's first party data.

  2. If you have more than one type of first party data on-boarded, this field helps you understand what identifier type has been enriched.

  3. You can check if the identifier has been matched with the Lifesight mobile identifier.

  4. You can check for insights at a per id level when you click on the insights icon.

  5. You can search for specific identifier if you have it handy.

  6. You can check for the total number of identifiers brought to the platform and how many out of those were matched with the Lifesight universe of data.

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