If you have a website property, you can use our JavaScript integration option to collect data from customers who visit your website. You can easily deploy a JavaScript code snippet on your website and we will automatically capture your customer data based on the configurations you have set.

Click on Website JavaScript Source

Setup Source

  1. Enter a name for your source

  2. You will see a code snippet with some specific macros for first party attributes.

  3. Copy the JS code and paste it into your website page header.

  4. Click on "Test Connection" to check if the code has been successfully implemented.

  5. Click “Next” to proceed to mapping your data schema

    Schema Mapping

If your website is successfully integrated, you will be taken to the schema mapping section.

1. Here we will require you to map your data to our data schema.

2.To map the attributes, select the drop down menu under “Lifesight Data” and select the respective attribute. You can select the “Primary ID” to indicate the primary identifier that you would like to use.

3. Click “Save” to complete adding the source.

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