Once custom generated 1st party data is activated you can check the status of your activated audience under My Audiences section.

  1. You can directly search for activated 1st party audiences you have activated using the search filter.

  2. This indicates the name of the activated 1st party audiences.

  3. This indicates the destination channel that you have activated the audiences on.

  4. NA for 1st Party activations typically.

  5. This indicates the reach count for activated audiences.

  6. Once activated, there are 3 possible states for the audience :

    Processing - Audiences once built are processing in the back end.

Ready - Audiences are ready for use. You will have the destination against the audience name. You can check this on the respective Ad platform once this shows up.

Failed - The audience transfer failed due to some reason.

7. You can perform actions for each activated audience and the status you see.

8. If you cannot find your activated audiences, you can choose the subsequent page numbers.

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