You can view insights for all predefined or custom built audience segments that are built with your data or our data. You can also download these insights as a PDF and an excel for presentation and analysis purposes.

Geographical Insights

Aggregated insights on the top states and cities that the particular audience category are concentrated in.

Demographic Insights

Aggregated information on demographics like age, Gender and affluence of the chosen audience category.

Offline Behaviour Insights

Aggregated breakdown on offline behavioural insights like retail brands visited, place category and geo-behavioural personas of a particular audience category.

Online Behaviour Insights

Aggregated breakdown on online behavioural insights like online Interests, online intent , events and app usage for a particular audience category.

Technographic Insights

Aggregated breakdown on device, carrier, make and model of device used by the customer of a particular audience category.

Creating an Audience - Insights

Before activating your audiences to any of the advertising channels, you can do a quick check on the insights of the audience generated. This applies to both Lifesight audience and your first party data audience.

1. You can select Lifesight as a data source to create custom audience sets using predefined Lifesight audience segments.

You can select Lifesight or your first party data source to select the source name.

2. You can select a first party data source like Amazon S3, Email file upload, Ad channel data source.

3. You can click on the Insights button on the bottom that helps you check the insights for the chosen audience combination.

4. You can check the insights for each audience type for the chosen audience combination in a visual format.

5. You can choose the type of insights you want to check on the top most section of the Insights window.

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