Get an overview of the Lifesight Platform
Written by Sharmishta Singh
Updated over a week ago

Lifesight is a customer intelligence platform that helps you better understand your customers using your own customer data. We simplify the onboarding of your customer data from your digital properties, advertising channels and marketing platforms and enable you to use that data to execute various marketing and advertising use cases such as making decisions, optimising media spend and personalised targeting.

Our platform is broken down into a few core modules:

  • Integrations- The Integrations module helps you easily onboard your customer data from first party sources like your websites, apps, ad channels and servers. Our identity resolution engine will unify your data and build unified customer profiles for activation.

  • Customers - The Customers module helps you get a unified holistic view of your customer data. You can also enrich your customer data with Lifesight’s attributes to gain external insights to their behaviour and interest outside of your universe.

  • Audiences- The Audiences module helps you browse and create audiences using your first party data or audiences built using enriched Lifesight’s attributes and activate them on advertising channels.

  • Measurements - The Measurements module enables you to measure the impact of your campaigns on specific conversion goals. You can also gain insights on multiple other campaign metrics that could help you improve your campaign ROI.

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