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You can browse through Lifesight’s pre-defined audiences across different audience categories. You may choose to use any of these based on their definitions matching your use case. More details on each category below -

Brand - This category has been created based on the high intent of users in terms their visits to Brand outlets in the real world.

Place Category - This category has been created based on the high intent of users visiting specific places of interest in the real world.

Demographics - This category has been created based on deterministic data that we receive from apps based on the declared gender and age data.

Geo Behavioural-This category has been created based on the high intent of users in terms of frequency of their visits to specific granular places of interest in the real world.

Online Interest - This category has been created when users are being assigned to an interest segment when the website category is focused on a specific IAB category subject.

Intent - Lifesight receives data from many partners to deliver high- quality pieces of information about users’ shopping intent. We collect data from sources connected to the e-commerce sector and we also receive data connected to online transactions from affiliate networks to deliver the most accurate segments with purchase intentions, such as laptops, mobile phones or cars.

Events - This category was created based on the high interest of users in terms of content related to specific global events - sports, culture, and gaming. Among the event segments, we also distinguish categories related to the interest in certain lifestyle choices and behaviours.

App Category - Mobile category is a branch of the taxonomy that is dedicated only to the data that is based on mobile advertising IDs. It is based on the categorisation of the mobile apps that the user has installed on the device.

Under the Browse section you will be able to see a list of all audience categories.

  1. You can search for a specific audience in the search bar provided at the top.

  2. You can click on each Audience category tab to list all the segments under that audience category. You can click and multi select multiple at a time to list all audiences of the chosen categories you wish to see.You can also choose an audience list based on the business category they belong to. For example all audiences that are relevant to Retail Fashion as a category.

  3. You can check the Audience segment name here.

  4. You can check for the Audience category here. This is all the audience categories listed above like Brand, Place Category so on and so forth.

  5. You can check for the overall reach count here.

  6. You can check for the CPM value for the audience if you were to activate this on any of the ad-tech platforms.

  7. This icon helps you activate this audience to any of the ad-tech platforms.

  8. This icon helps you check for more insights for each segment.

  9. This section gives you the overall reach count of all the active segments, active segments in the last 30 days and any new additions in the last 30 days.

Add to Set

1. In case you wish to create a bundle of multiple segments from different audience categories, you can do that using the “Add to Set” function.

2. You can multi-select the segments from different audience categories and say “Add to Set”.

4. You can name the set say “ Nike Summer 2021 Campaign “ and your add set will be ready.

5. Once you have named it, you can say "Save Set".

This can directly be bulk activated to any chosen ad channel of choice.

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